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Toys for boys

  Toys for boys- ferrariSuccessful men all around the world have their ‘toys’, but there are few places where they indulge their interests in fast cars, boats, golf and all manner of boyish adventure activities as in Marbella. While you won’t be able to tear around the roads at breakneck speeds – this is a civilised country, after all – those addicted to speed and excitement can get their thrills on beautifully designed state of the art racing tracks that are not so close to home as to cause noise pollution, but close enough to be ever so convenient. The many car owners’ clubs, which range from American classics and vintage cars to the aficionados of Ferraris, Porsches and Bugattis, come together on a regular basis. They use Marbella landmarks such as the Puente Romano Hotel as gathering points before setting off on relaxed tours around the beautiful countryside, with the ultimate destination being a relaxed lunch or game of golf. Those more into raw speed and performance are equally well catered to. Of course there is the famous Circuito de Jerez, home to the Spanish Moto GP. At little more than an hour’s drive from Marbella, this is one of motor racing’s most classic events, with crowds in excess of 100,000 the rule rather than the exception. Jerez also features racing teams that will happily teach you the ins and outs of racing on a bike or in a car, taking their time to build you up to speed in a safe and measured way. If you wish to participate rather than watch, Jerez does offer track days, but for those with the means there is nothing quite like Race Resort Ascari. Nestled in a beautiful valley just a little east of the elegant country town of Ronda, this exquisite circuit ranks among the finest private race circuits in the world. Facilities are first class, and it’s even possible to have your sports car serviced, garaged and made race-ready for your visits. The drive up a scenic mountain road from Marbella takes under an hour, but some like to arrive in ultimate style – by helicopter. A private members club that does organise track days for paying non-members, Race Resort Ascari provides full professional facilities, management and support for those who want to take their cars on the track. It also has a range of racing vehicles to choose from, leading right up to twin-piloted F1 cars, while those wishing to have some lunch or relax by the pool can do so in consummate style at the Race Resort clubhouse. Watersports Costa del SolAdd all manner of water sports catered to along this coast, from sailing and power boating to jet ski and scuba diving, not to mention the surfer’s paradise that is nearby Tarifa, and it becomes clear that, along with its 60 or more golf courses, the Costa del Sol is a playground for those with a sense of adventure. Trek a little further inland, and you will be able to hike, mountain climb, cave, dive, hang glide and sky dive to your heart’s content. All of these activities lay within a radius of around one hour, with the exception of the winter sport resorts of the Sierra Nevada, for which you’d have to travel another hour or so…