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Málaga: A winter wonderland

Málaga is one of the main destinations for many expats in Spain, and with good reason. Málaga is known for its amazing beaches, delicious seafood cuisine, sightseeing, stunning property, and is in the heart of the vibrant region of Andalucía. But, is Málaga a place to stay solely in summer, and if not, what is there to do during the winter months?

La Feria de Invierno

During the month of January every year, Málaga Común organizes a fair where local businesses come together in the area of “El Caminito” selling many varieties of products ranging from second-hand goods, local beverages and ecological products. Throughout the day there is also a bar which will serve Paella with every drink purchased, as well as stalls offering such diversity as massages, haircuts and games for the kids. This year will be the 12th instalment of the Feria de Invierno and promises to be as good as ever.

The Christmas Lights

The light display, on Calle Larios, is one of the best places to get into the Christmas spirit. Iluminaciones Ximenez, the company responsible for the light display  are also the company that set up the light display in New York on Fifth Avenue, among other stunning locations. The display consists in over 600,000 LED lights inspired by the Cathedral of Málaga.  

The Weather

Even in winter, Málaga presents itself with an average temperature of 17 degrees. With Málaga being situated south of Los Montes de Málaga, the cold doesn’t travel down to the city during the winter months, making Málaga the perfect city to be in for winter.  

Málaga CF

If you’re into football, then Málaga is the perfect city for you. Despite their relegation to the second tier last season, Málaga are on course to return to the best league in the world next year. Málaga have recently announced that they will be offering half-season tickets for the second leg of the season, for those who didn’t buy one at the beginning of the season, for the incredible price of only €120, and €30 for kids under 12, which if everything goes according to plan, could see them experience the joys of promotion back to the top league, in June. Plus, it's somewhere EVERYONE goes, from Antonio Banderas to everyone's grandad! 

Golf Resorts

Whilst the whole of Europe is planning their golf tours for the months to come, Málaga is right in the swing of it. Golf has become one of the most attractive activities to practice, due to the amazing courses around the areas of Marbella, and with the fabulous weather an added advantage. Be first on the course with a short stroll from a splendid golf property.  

Hammam Baths

What better way is there to relax than in a Turkish steam bath? The Hammam is located on Calle Tomas de Cozar, and is known as one of the best places to relax in the city of Málaga, with its location is within close proximity of the Picasso Museum, which means that you can make a day out visiting two of the main attractions, without having to walk too far.