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Showpiece Homes and Luxury Living… El Rosario

The World Economic Forum has just released its latest report on travel and tourism and – as to be expected – Spain receives major plaudits. In fact, Spain tops the 2015 edition of the TTCI global rankings for the first time, followed by France (second), Germany (third), the United States (fourth), the United Kingdom (fifth), Switzerland (sixth), Australia (seventh), Italy (eighth), Japan (ninth) and Canada (10th). The language of the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report (first compiled in 2007) is couched in quite heavy economic jargon, measuring “the set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of the travel and tourisms sector, which in turn contributes to the development and competitiveness of a country”. Its bottom line, however, is clear. With six economies in the top 10, Europe dominates the rankings. This is attributed to its “world-class tourism service infrastructure, excellent health and hygiene conditions and – notably, thanks to the Schengen Area – high degree of international openness and integration”. For Spain, the report notes that it is the third most visited country in the world, with over 60 million arrivals. So what is the secret of its success as a tourist destination? “With beautiful heritage sites throughout the country it boats top marks for cultural resources… It has a high ranking (fourth) on online searches for entertainment-restaurants, nightlife and attractions, as well as prioritisation of the travel and tourism industry and tourism service infrastructure”. The report refers to Spain as a whole, but obviously the Costa del Sol has had a significant influence on its results, including another key consideration for tourists and others deciding to move to southern Spain on a permanent basis or purchase a holiday home: transport connections from all key European destinations, as well as other international hubs. If there is one area on the Coast that encapsulates the essence of the lifestyle appeal highlighted by the Forum’s report it is Marbella. And, within the sprawling diversity of this prime European resort, the El Rosario urbanisation offers both tourists and expatriates a classically Mediterranean residential ambience that caters for all tastes, preferences and requirements. In the first place its setting is exceptional: depending on which part of the urbanisation (which straddles the main highway, from the coast to the mountain backdrop), just a five-minute drive from Marbella city centre, close to shops, supermarkets, restaurants, beach bars, cafés, schools, and sport and leisure amenities, and a convenient half-hour from Málaga’s international airport. The seaside part of El Rosario includes well-appointed apartments close to sandy beaches (considered among the most attractive in Marbella municipality) and luxurious villas in secluded cul-de-sacs; while the higher reaches of the urbanisation are securely located in a gated community of elegant villas with panoramic views over the coastline and nearby golf courses. Here we feature a selection of five of the superb properties offered for sale by Villa Marbella Now: a modern villa on top of the mountain with stunning 270-degree views; another superb home close to the golf; a beachside apartment in a complex with landscaped gardens and a large pool; a detached villa within walking distance of the beach; and a wonderfully restored 18th century Andalucian farmhouse ideal for either spacious family living or conversion into a hotel or B&B Business (with its eight en suite bedrooms). Special Selections We appreciate your taking the time to read about these outstanding properties, but perhaps they are not exactly right for you? If not, we invite you to have a look at our other special selections for: La Zagaleta, Luxury Villas, Golf Properties, Seafront Properties, Apartments and Special Offers. Click on the category of your choice and follow the link. Also please feel free to roam around our website: www.villamarbellanow.com. Elsewhere in Europe this week, motoring enthusiasts are focusing their attentions on the Mille Miglia vintage car rally (aka “the world’s most admired travelling museum”). Seventy years ago English journalist Denis Jenkinson wrote, “Mille Miglia is so much more than race cars, drivers, winners and losers. Mille Miglia is a part of Italian life, and its effects extend the length and breadth of Italy, all the way down to Sicily.”   Jenkinson won the 1955 Mille Miglia alongside Stirling Moss, in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR (number 722). They drove flat out for 10 hours, seven minutes and 48 seconds and averaged 98 miles per hour (160 km/h) – all on public roads. This was recognised as one of the greatest feats of driving ever, and their record still stands today. In 1955, the W 196 R racers were the most advanced cars in the world, winning every race they finished, using cutting-edge materials and reaching a top speed of over 180 mph (290 km/h). Six decades later, Sir Stirling was reunited with the 300 SLR number 722, on the same roads used for the 1955 Mille Miglia. Also taking part in this year’s event is Bentley’s original 4ö-litre supercharged Blower, and nine of Jaguar’s most iconic heritage cars.