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Properties for the Marbella lifestyle

Property for the Marbella lifestyleIn our experience people coming to Marbella are driven first and foremost by the great lifestyle this area has to offer, so we bear this in mind when selecting properties to offer our clients. As a result, the villas, apartments and penthouses in our portfolio reflect the best the Marbella area has to offer in terms of location, views, style, amenities and convenience, whilst still catering to a wide variety of tastes, budgets and personal preferences. Location It is not by coincidence that location is regarded as the principle factor in choosing a property, for this is where it all begins. Before you enter a property’s interior you will have experienced its setting, and this will already determine your disposition towards the home. Now location is a personal thing. We agree that we want a top location, but the interpretation of that description can vary from person to person. Some people love hillside locations or a setting close to nature, while others put the emphasis on views and/or a beachfront position. Add town, frontline golf or marina locations, not to mention easy access to such things as schools, roads, beaches and shops, and the matrix of factors becomes more complex. Luxury golf front propertiesThe reality is that most of us want easy access to facilities yet to be surrounded by greenery in a setting that offers peace, privacy, views and the particular ambience we are looking for. We make sure that the properties we offer at Villa Marbella Now comply with this, because it is only if you’re comfortable in your environment that you will really experience the Marbella lifestyle. Style The next thing you notice about a property is its styling, both exterior architectural styling and interior décor. Both are very important, for they define the property and therefore the way you react to it. Again, style is a very personal thing, but we all know the difference between a style that is well executed and one that is not. Plainly put, we know the difference between an attractive home and one that lacks charm or aesthetic appeal. While much can be done to adapt an interior to your personal tastes, changing the exterior appearance of a villa will usually require more significant renovation work, and with the exception of renovation projects that we source for clients that have this specifically in mind, existing aesthetic appeal is another of the criteria we apply when selecting our property listings. Modern spacious villa MarbellaOn this coast they may come in many different forms, ranging from rustic and contemporary to modern and indeed modernist, but all will offer visual delight and great potential to make your own mark on the home. Naturally villas offer more scope in this regard, but we also aim to find properties that shy away from uniformity and are as individualistic and unique as the people who buy them. Lifestyle It is not said often enough, but a home is the ultimate expression of lifestyle around which everything else is built. Owners of Range Rovers, Ferraris, Rolls Royces and Lexus are likely to look for different things in a property just as sure as would people of different ages, backgrounds and interest fields such as horse riding, entertaining, family life, golf and sailing. Exactly what you look for in a property depends on how you see yourself inhabiting it, and what you regard as priorities. Some will want to live in a country club environment close to nature and equestrian centres where others will want to be close to the beaches and excitement. With an offer of luxury apartments and penthouses set in gated communities surrounded by greenery, swimming pools and even spas, Marbella certainly caters to a great choice of options – and if you are in the market for a villa you will have a fantastic selection of architectural styles, locations and features such as indoor spas, libraries, studies, home cinemas, games rooms, wine cellars and chill out lounges to add to the mix. View a selection of our luxury listings here