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Back to Business… and More Good News

For most of us the summer season effectively ends at the start of September, when we return to work or to our homes back in northern Europe, and our younger family members start thinking about/dreading a new school, college or university year. Of course, the clever ones among us know that the official “astronomic” summer doesn’t end until 20 September, so we are still blissfully wandering around in our flip-flops, shorts and T-shirts, clinging to the last vestiges of the holiday season and making ever-more creative excuses for prolonging the festivities. Such pleasant thoughts – and mostly wishful thinking – aside, the reality is that it’s already back to business. In fact, as we noted in a previous blog (“And Now For Even More Good News”) many potential home buyers combined their summer holidays this year with property hunting, determined not to miss out on one of the many excellent bargains being snapped up by savvy clients and investors. Last week we also highlighted the general air of optimism that pervaded the Costa del Sol this summer after a bumpy few years, and now – as things start to settle comfortably into “autumn mode” – the Costa del Sol post-summer real estate picture is becoming much clearer and brighter. Essentially, the universal view is positive – a mood supported by latest property market reports and expert analysis. To highlight just a few… Global View: In an article headed “Renaissance gives life to stock turnaround”, Bloomberg waxed lyrical about Spain’s economic recovery. “Property prices are headed for their first annual increase since 2007, after slumping about 40 per cent,” noted the respected business news site, “while the construction industry added jobs for five consecutive quarters. Stock investors betting Spain’s real estate market is finally turning the corner are being rewarded with some of the best returns in Europe.” Among those interviewed was Bart Gysens, an analyst at Morgan Stanley in London, who noted, “More and more investors are becoming convinced that Spain is for real. The fundamentals are improving, and we are also seeing signs the rental market is improving. We think we are at the beginning of what could well be a multi-year recovery.” Price Rises: According to a new report from Bankinter’s research department, house prices in Spain are likely to rise an average of two per cent this year and four per cent in 2016, although the bank cautions that there are significant differences across Spain’s regions (with the Costa del Sol, it should be stressed, remaining a prime location). BBVA’s “Real Estate Flash” report concurs, noting that the number of home sales increased by nearly eight per cent in the first half of the year compared with the same period in 2014, and predicting that “macroeconomic expectations for the second part of the year will keep the sector’s recovery going”. Golden Visas: Spain’s “golden visa” residency investor scheme, introduced in 2013 with the aim of attracting foreign capital to the country and boosting property sales, has fallen well short of expectations – so the government has done some tweaking. These include the availability of a six-month visa once funds have been deposited in a Spanish bank, the right to remain in Spain while the process is underway, residency permits that include the right to work in Spain, cover for common law partners and adult-age progeny, and the easing of renewal procedures (for example, visas can be renewed from outside Spain, and every five years instead of two). And finally, our superb featured property this week… The high end of the market remains the most buoyant on the Costa del Sol and few properties and settings can match the splendour of this villa in Balcones de Sierra Blanca. Characterised by stunning Andalucian style and built with an expert eye for design and attention to detail, the five-bedroom property (excellent value at €2,350,000) enjoys a tree-lined, top-quality location which is just a short drive from the beach and Marbella town centre. Close enough, in fact, to easily slip down to a favourite bar, restaurant or nightclub and savour a glass of your favourite tipple – be it a Haig Club whisky as recommended by David Beckham or something a little more exotic from Clique Vodka. Special Selections We appreciate your taking the time to read about this extraordinary property but perhaps it is not exactly right for you? If not, we invite you to have a look at our other special selections for: La Zagaleta, Luxury Villas, Golf Properties, Seafront Properties, Apartments and Special Offers. Click on the category of your choice and follow the link. Also please feel free to roam around our website: www.villamarbellanow.com.